I’m Easily Amused | Old People and Irony

Hey y’all! Wow, I’ve been gone for like two weeks. Sorry about that. I had some real-life stuff going on. Anyway,this post is gonna be pretty off topic but that’s okay because it’s my blog. Shall we?

So, as you all know, there’s a stereotype against teens. According to this stereotype, we’re constantly on our phones and thus don’t have actual conversations with people. Well, I had a role reversal the other day. Which, being easily amused, I found it pretty ironic. Hopefully I’m not the only one. 

Last week I had a lovely conversation with an elderly lady but I never caught her name. So this week when I saw her I said hey and asked her name. After we had exchanged names and pleasantries I remarked on the lovely beach weather (it was freezing). We both chuckled and then the conversation died. 

She was too busy on her phone to talk to me. Even after my brilliant and charismatically charming entrance, her phone was more interesting. Which is of course absurd and she’s obviously just escaped from a mental institution… okay, maybe not. But anyway, it’s pretty ironic. The elder too busy on a phone to talk to a teen. 

Is the stereotype true for y’all? Or have you had someone ignore you because they were on their phone? Share your stories in the comments below! Also, should I make another post about old people and phones?

Peace out! ✌🏻️