5 Places I Want to Visit

Aaaaaand day 5/30!


1 Hawaii, USA

Those who’ve been following me for awhile know I want to visit Hawaii. And all the places in Hawaii I want to visit!

2 Tennessee, USA

I’ve been to Tennessee before, and it is an amazing state! White water rafting is a definite must!

3 New York, USA

I’d really love to go on a road trip with a bunch of friends to see the ball drop in New York for New Years. That’d be killer.

4 Arequipa, Peru

I hear it’s like the food capital of the world, so you know… yes.

5 France

I’m not sure exactly where in France I’d like to visit, but I definitely want to.

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2 thoughts on “5 Places I Want to Visit

  1. Hey Wanda,
    It sounds like really amazing places. I want to go to New York also one day and visit a Little bit more of the USA. France is the neighbour state of Germany, I was one time there near the border to Germany but I’ll want to like visit Paris with Tour eiffel. I think Paris is a nostalgic, wonderful City.
    Another place which is really nice in France is the south at Mittelmeer where the parfum is at home. I’ve heart of other nice places too, but that ones are the hotspots you have to see when you go to a big trip to France, I think.

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    • Yeah, I’m pretty partial to the USA myself. 😉 I agree about Paris, though (as much as I can since I haven’t been). I feel like it’d be crazy crowded, though?


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