Two Birds with One Stone


I completely forgot to post yesterday.

I was too busy staring at the clock waiting to go to work.

Anyway, day seven real quick, then right into day eight.

Day Seven: Favorite Books

700 Inviting Home Plans. Oh, you meant books with words? The Ranger’s Apprentice series is amazing. But man. I love the book Ender’s Game. It’s so good. There is some profanity, and a slightly questionable scene near the end, but it’s a really cool book. I read it to help a friend write a book report on it. And I was blown away. The imagery, and just all the yes. It’s stunning. Okay, I’m done.

Day Eight: Three Things I Want To Say To Different People

Word of warning: Intenseness ahead.

Dear Grandpa,
Long time no see. I don’t have too many memories of you. But I feel like we probably would’ve gotten into a few debates over the whole ‘drums are evil’ thing. That must be why you approved of my mom marrying my dad. Because sameness. You were pretty old fashioned and strict, like my dad, but I know my dad loves me, and I know you did, too. You were the best grandparent I ever had, the only grandparent I was close to. I might would even be mad that you were the first one I lost, but perhaps it’s best that you didn’t see my teenage years. You might have been tempted to disown me. But anyway, I just wanted to say, I love you, and I miss you.
Your #1 Grandchild

Dear Mother,
My relationship with you sucks. You try to be familiar with me but I don’t know a thing about you. You spend your time manipulating everyone around you, and hiding every part of you that you think someone will disagree with. And the worst part? I’ve found that I do that. I’m working on it, and I wish you would, too. I really am interested in getting to know you.
Your Daughter

Dear Father,
You’re amazing. I love the long talks we have about our days, theology, jokes, the news, and everything. I don’t say this often, or really ever, but I love you and you’re a model father. With your great dad jokes, your many warnings about evil boys, and the mostly empty offers to shoot them. Bravo at life. Thank you for helping me to be the person I am today. I love you so much.
See you after work!

Wow. Talk about 0 to 100. Not even I expected that. I don’t think my tear ducts can even handle today’s topic. This was the wrong day for such a topic, apparently. Okay, sorry for the less-than-light post today. Tomorrow’s topic of pet peeves is sure to be better. Okay, well, peace out!

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