6 Things One of “Those People” Do

I’m one of “those people”. What people? I’m glad you asked. One of my kind of people. Still confused? Probably. Read on to find out who “those people” are.

1. “Those people” are inconsistent

For example, December 2015 I had the brilliant idea to start a blog. Genius! Nobody’s thought of that before! Well, okay, maybe not an original idea, but still a worthwhile hobby. But then one day I disappeared! Then I came back! Then I disappeared again! Erm, okay.

2. “Those people” get uninspired

Sometimes, I’m just not inspired to write. I’ll sit down and start something just to put something out there. But I’m just not feeling inspired and it really doesn’t happen. I’ll get halfway through and not like anything I’ve written. So I just delete it all and do something else.

3. “Those people” disappear because they disappeared

That’s a little confusing. When you disappear, it’s a little daunting to come back. If you miss one week, what do you say the next? Do you pretend nothing happened? Is that just me? Probably. If you get that too let me know so we can bond over our irrational anxiety.

4. “Those people” get re-inspired

The inspiration eventually comes back! But, there’s that irrational anxiety. How do I come back after all that time?? Oh, but this inspiration needs an outlet! What to do, what to do…

5. “Those people” return

One can’t stay away forever. Some things are just too precious to ignore forever. One can get mad, uninspired, hurt, anxious, whatever. But if it’s important they will eventually return.

6. “Those people” will make a post on their blog explaining their disappearance in a strange way

Okay, pretty sure this one can only possibly apply to me. I guess it’s more like I’m “this person” than one of “those people”. But you get the picture. So sorry for disappearing forever! I’m gonna try something new and post just once a month. Unless I’m inspired to do more. We’ll see how this goes.

Peace! ✌🏻


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