This Topic Isn’t Exciting

Day 6; band or musician who’s most important to me. That’s not particularly interesting. Instead, here are just some great songs.



5 Places I Want to Visit

Aaaaaand day 5/30!


1 Hawaii, USA

Those who’ve been following me for awhile know I want to visit Hawaii. And all the places in Hawaii I want to visit!

2 Tennessee, USA

I’ve been to Tennessee before, and it is an amazing state! White water rafting is a definite must!

3 New York, USA

I’d really love to go on a road trip with a bunch of friends to see the ball drop in New York for New Years. That’d be killer.

4 Arequipa, Peru

I hear it’s like the food capital of the world, so you know… yes.

5 France

I’m not sure exactly where in France I’d like to visit, but I definitely want to.

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What’s in a Name?

Alright day four; the meaning behind my Tumblr name.


I’m not really a Tumblr person. Did I create an account? Yes. Have I logged in this year? No. But nevertheless, my standard name is gleeful. There really isn’t a method to my madness. That’s just what I use. I made it up when I was around eight or nine.

exuberantly or triumphantly joyful.
“she gave a gleeful chuckle”
synonyms: delighted, pleased, joyful, happy, glad, overjoyed, elated, euphoric;

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Co-Workers Are Great

Alright! I’m ready for day 2 of the 30 day post challenge! Today, it appears we have…

Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes


I just started a job as a waitress today (first job) so I’m going to reference that a lot. Let’s start by getting the dislikes out of the way.

  1. I dislike being idle, and actually idleness in general.
  2. I dislike stingy tippers.
  3. I dislike being hungry when my body won’t let me eat. This is such a new feeling for me!
  4. I dislike being on takeout duty.
  5. I dislike the fact that I can’t think of things that aren’t job related.
  6. I dislike animals. Ha! That’s not job related!
  7. I dislike guests overstaying their welcome.
  8. I dislike clutter. At this point I’m just looking around my house for inspiration.
  9. I dislike beginnings.
  10. I dislike lightbulbs. Lightbulbs have ugly light. Sunlight FTW.

And now, the likes! Yay!

  1. I  like my new job! Waitressing FTW!
  2. I really really like my co-workers! Especially one of them!
  3. I really like signing (as in ASL)!
  4. I like my uniform.
  5. I  like food.
  6. I really like my co-workers! They’re on here twice because yeah!
  7. I like my bosses! (Even those who aren’t technically my boss!)
  8. I really like jokes and laughter!
  9. I like good sleep.
  10. I like coffee (dark, with lots of vanilla creamer, mmmmmm).

Well this post started out kind of a downer. Now though, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling those positive vibes. I’m so thankful to finally have a job, and it’s the best first official job ever. Waitressing is cool (even without tips; I would gladly waitress for $5/hour) and in case you hadn’t guessed, I really like the people I work with. They are all just great.

And that is day 2! Got any waitressing tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tria’s Best Skin Sweepstakes


This is sponsored, guys. I am selling out for #TriaBestSkin. Whatevs, man; it’s a sweepstakes! I’m just raising awareness. Alright, then. Tria is giving away an Age-Defying Laser Deluxe kit—with a $595 value—and an invitation to become a Fresh Face of Tria. You could always sell it and become a model if you win. Plus, it helps me out if you enter! If you’re interested, click here. There are only four days left!

The Creative Blogger Award


The Creative Blogger Award

Special Thanks

I would like to thank my good blogging friend Regina for nominating me for this award! I really appreciate it, and I’d like to take this moment to thank you for being so supportive since the beginning!


  1. Thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  2. Share five facts about yourself.
  3. Nominate 15-20 bloggers and add their links.
  4. Notify the bloggers you included.
  5. Keep the rules in your post.


  1. I love hairless cats. I find them to be adorable. Plus there’s no hair to clean up. It’s a win-win!
  2. I should be doing school instead of writing this blog post.
  3. I’m planning to be a massage therapist but my dream job would be blogger.
  4. I’m very stereotypically female in that I love to shop. Especially for clothes.
  5. I don’t know enough bloggers to nominate 15…


  1. Vivian
  2. Lea
  3. Luna
  4. Ambivert
  5. Nicole
  6. Tife
  7. Envy
  8. Zelus


Regina, thanks again for nominating me! You’ve nominated me for numerous awards and I really appreciate that. You know how to make a girl feel loved.

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Liebster Award

Lib Award

 Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

Thanks to the lovely Vivian of Day-Dreamer, Night-Thinker ( for tagging me in this award! I can’t wait to answer all le questions!!


  1. Thou shalt link back to the person who tagged you.
  2. Thou shalt answer all 11 questions.
  3. Thou shalt tag 11 bloggers who have less than a thousand followers.
  4. Thou shalt ask them 11 questions.
  5. Thou shalt inform them of the tag over social media.


  1. What’s your favorite board game? Does checkers count? Checkers is good.
  2. What’s your favorite sandwich? Two slices of whole wheat bread, one slice of Cracker Barrel aged swiss cheese, one leaf Romaine lettuce and about five slices of Turkey.
  3. Any pets? Two goats (one pregnant), one dog, four cats, a toad (almost as big as my face) and an iguana. None of these are mine personally.
  4. What superpower would you have if you could have any? Teleportation.
  5. Favorite breed of dog? Springer spaniels are cool. Also miniature greyhounds.
  6. What’s the font on your blog called? It’s a sensational font called Default Theme Font. I highly recommend it.
  7. Who’s a role-model in your life? Well you see, I take bits of everyone and turn them into this ideal person in my head. I call her Kate.
  8. What’s your lucky number? SEVENTEEN. The best number there is. I don’t know that it’s lucky, but it’s my favorite.
  9. Favorite season? Rainy season.
  10. Favorite book (or if you are like me top 5)? 750 Inviting Home Plans. And whatever I happen to be reading. Lately, that’s been a lot of non-fiction.
  11. Early bird or night owl? Really it just adult diapers (get it? Depends?) on the day.

My Questions

  1. Twitter?
  2. Previous blogs?
  3. Lessons learned from blogging?
  4. Any hidden talents?
  5. Favorite pastimes?
  6. Religion?
  7. Favorite color?
  8. Stereotype?
  9. What happened in Scranton?
  10. Word of the day?
  11. Who’s your daddy?* Tea or coffee?


  1. Lexi from Lisforlexi
  2. E from Let’s Just Talk ABout Everything (I don’t think E is your real name)
  3. Amber from Soul of Stories
  4. Caitlin from A Little Daydreamer
  5. Georgiegirl
  6. Ambi from TheAmbivert

…I don’t know people who haven’t already done this award.

In Closing

Sorry for the lack of 11 nominations. I need to get out there a bit more. But thanks again to Vivian the Vivacious! That’s now your official title. I’m gonna make a button and everything. XD

*This question was changed because it’s not appropriate to ask for personal information including, but not limited to, the name of your father.

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