Post in 15 Min

Alright, long day so I’ve got 15 minutes to write this post! Detailed description of today.


I need more time!!!!!

So my alarm that wakes me up when I’m the most awake (it’s an app called Sleep Cycle; I love it) woke me up at 6:37am today. I got dressed for work and laid around a bit. I tried to eat breakfast but wasn’t feeling too well.

I left for work at 9:28am. When I clocked in at 9:50 I learned instead of serving I was gonna be hosting and acting as bus boy (or rather, bus girl) for the day. Bummer. I spent most of my time wrapping silverware because I had nothing else to do.

I had a few interesting encounters. So there’s this fellow I quite like who I was working with. Let’s call him 3, because of reasons. His brother, a heavyset dude who is just scary in general, let’s call him Larry because I don’t know.

So I was talking to 3 about random restaurant stuff and Larry came up and was like “What did you just say???” He had thought that 3 said, “You’re not the only one who looks good in a thong.” So crazy.

And this other dude, let’s call him JD, cause random names ftw, said this exact phrase, “We should hang out sometime, well, if you’re allowed. When do you turn 18?” Exactly like that. Fortunately 3 saved me at that point and we went to sort out money.

Four minutes!!!

I ate food with 3 and my dad, then I went to church and that was pretty much my day. Mostly wrapping silverware and cleaning tables.

Okay, byee!!

(Two minutes to spare, yay me!!!)

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Co-Workers Are Great

Alright! I’m ready for day 2 of the 30 day post challenge! Today, it appears we have…

Day 2: 10 likes and dislikes


I just started a job as a waitress today (first job) so I’m going to reference that a lot. Let’s start by getting the dislikes out of the way.

  1. I dislike being idle, and actually idleness in general.
  2. I dislike stingy tippers.
  3. I dislike being hungry when my body won’t let me eat. This is such a new feeling for me!
  4. I dislike being on takeout duty.
  5. I dislike the fact that I can’t think of things that aren’t job related.
  6. I dislike animals. Ha! That’s not job related!
  7. I dislike guests overstaying their welcome.
  8. I dislike clutter. At this point I’m just looking around my house for inspiration.
  9. I dislike beginnings.
  10. I dislike lightbulbs. Lightbulbs have ugly light. Sunlight FTW.

And now, the likes! Yay!

  1. I  like my new job! Waitressing FTW!
  2. I really really like my co-workers! Especially one of them!
  3. I really like signing (as in ASL)!
  4. I like my uniform.
  5. I  like food.
  6. I really like my co-workers! They’re on here twice because yeah!
  7. I like my bosses! (Even those who aren’t technically my boss!)
  8. I really like jokes and laughter!
  9. I like good sleep.
  10. I like coffee (dark, with lots of vanilla creamer, mmmmmm).

Well this post started out kind of a downer. Now though, I don’t know about you, but I am feeling those positive vibes. I’m so thankful to finally have a job, and it’s the best first official job ever. Waitressing is cool (even without tips; I would gladly waitress for $5/hour) and in case you hadn’t guessed, I really like the people I work with. They are all just great.

And that is day 2! Got any waitressing tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tria’s Best Skin Sweepstakes


This is sponsored, guys. I am selling out for #TriaBestSkin. Whatevs, man; it’s a sweepstakes! I’m just raising awareness. Alright, then. Tria is giving away an Age-Defying Laser Deluxe kit—with a $595 value—and an invitation to become a Fresh Face of Tria. You could always sell it and become a model if you win. Plus, it helps me out if you enter! If you’re interested, click here. There are only four days left!

Long Time No See

Hey there. Remember me? I used to write posts. Last century. Yes, it has been that long. Okay, maybe not. Well anyway, once momentum is lost it’s difficult to gain again. After I missed my deadline, it was just downhill from there. And then I was embarrassed for having been gone so long. It’s high time I bite the bullet and jump back on board.

It’s supposed to take 30 days to create a new habit, or in my case, to recreate an old one. So, I will post one post a day. I almost said try. But there is no try. Bam. Star Wars reference. Thanks, Yoda!

Alrighty, then. I’m gonna do this 30 day writing challenge. Please note that I use the term “write” loosely. See day 12. This is intended for Tumblr, but I can adapt. So, without further ado, day one, a few basic things about myself.

I have trouble sticking with stuff, as you all know. Even the things I love. Is that just me? If I stick with something, you know it’s meant to be. I don’t even stick with my phone. That’s how bad it is.

Although, come to think of it, I’m not all that attached to my phone. It’s great and all, but I go crazy if I spend the majority of my time on my phone.

Perhaps that’s because I’m an (extroverted) introvert. I love people, and meeting new people, and small talk with strangers. But I can’t deal with that all the time. I’d lose it. I prefer a select group of friends who know me really well. And then hanging out like… every other week? Actually, it depends on the week. I wouldn’t have that scheduled.

Especially because I love spontaneity. There’s just something so adventurous about stopping what you’re doing and deciding to walk into this shop you’ve never been in just because it’s there. When you plan something you build it up in your mind. But when you just up and go you have no idea what to expect. Ah, the rush.

Speaking of a rush, after the 30 days is up, I’ll have a great post ready about an adrenaline-inducing topic. Also, thanks to all of you who haven’t given up on me!

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I’m Easily Amused | Old People and Irony

Hey y’all! Wow, I’ve been gone for like two weeks. Sorry about that. I had some real-life stuff going on. Anyway,this post is gonna be pretty off topic but that’s okay because it’s my blog. Shall we?

So, as you all know, there’s a stereotype against teens. According to this stereotype, we’re constantly on our phones and thus don’t have actual conversations with people. Well, I had a role reversal the other day. Which, being easily amused, I found it pretty ironic. Hopefully I’m not the only one. 

Last week I had a lovely conversation with an elderly lady but I never caught her name. So this week when I saw her I said hey and asked her name. After we had exchanged names and pleasantries I remarked on the lovely beach weather (it was freezing). We both chuckled and then the conversation died. 

She was too busy on her phone to talk to me. Even after my brilliant and charismatically charming entrance, her phone was more interesting. Which is of course absurd and she’s obviously just escaped from a mental institution… okay, maybe not. But anyway, it’s pretty ironic. The elder too busy on a phone to talk to a teen. 

Is the stereotype true for y’all? Or have you had someone ignore you because they were on their phone? Share your stories in the comments below! Also, should I make another post about old people and phones?

Peace out! ✌🏻️

A Letter to Future Me – Dear Future Me Tag

Letter to Self

Thanks, Chloe Lauren for tagging me to do this! If y’all aren’t following her go follow her! She’s super cool and reading her blog will be well worth your time.


  • Tag it under ‘DearFutureMeTag’.
  • Write a letter to yourself to read again in a years time.
  • You can answer if you’d like.
  • Nominate other bloggers.

I nominate other bloggers to do this tag. As in if you’re a blogger, I nominate you.

Dear Future Me,

Yo, you’re almost not seventeen! That’s crazy, man. YOU MUST BE SO SAD! Seventeen is SUCH a supreme number. Anyway, how are you? Do you have a regular job? How’re things going with dance? And what about the love life? Happily married with seven kids right?

How’s saving for a car? College? Are you still planning to be a massage therapist? Are you completely overwhelmed?

What about Parker? Is she still your best friend? How’re things with her and Old Stingy Ninja Creeper Man? To outside observers, the name is a bit of a long story. The poor guy hates the name.

Ugh, I’m gonna have to wait a whole year for answers. I’m impatient. I have so many questions but I’ll stop for now.

If there are any people in your life you’re having problems with. Quit being stubborn and fix it. I don’t care if it’s “their fault”. Do your part, man. Remember when your thought process caused an entire situation. Yeah, keep that in mind.

Don’t blame anyone for your unhappiness. You don’t need anything or anyone to be happy. If you have nothing, what can you lose? You’re gonna be fine.

If you’re overwhelmed, take smaller bites. Don’t worry about getting everything done to perfection. You can do a few things really good and settle for that.

Stay true to your roots but don’t be afraid to branch out.

Yours truly,

Past You

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IDK… Oh Wait, I Do

Yo wassup y’all? I was considering making the title all acronyms. IDK… NVM IK. Awesome, right?

So, I was gonna do a post about how I have no clue what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’m going with this blog. I don’t know what I want to do. And I’m probably just gonna start a new blog when I figure it out and just curate this one for now.

Then I saw a post about the zombie apocalype and it all changed. I know what I want to do with this blog. It’s in the name. What’s in a name? SO MUCH. The original intent of this blog was to be a place to write about making my dreams happen. But this blog is my dream. So like what do I write?

Back to the zombie apocalypse (which by the way I’m going to make a post much like it). It made me realize what I really want to do with this blog is just DREAM. Or more like DAY DREAM. What would happen if? Like my mock vacation post. Kinda like that. But better. More like story form. It’s gonna be awesome.

So. I’m going on an adventure. Who’s coming with me?